Posted by: ACFE Inc | March 23, 2011

Inspiring Civic Engagement through Education: Happy Democracy Day!

Building Future Leaders through Civic Education!

Today marks the first annual Democracy Day, part of a national movement co-founded by Rock the Vote, an organization dedicated to engaging youth in politics, and the National Education Association. Though it is the first official Democracy Day, its celebration echoes the passage of the 26th amendment which happened 40 years ago today. These two organizations have called upon educators to incorporate a “Democracy Class” into their lesson plans. This class consists of a 45-minute civic education lesson that draws upon relevant topics and utilizes contemporary pop culture. The live poll on on the Democracy Class website shows that classes are discussing issues such as jobs, quality of education, cost of college and war.

Education is a word that surfaces continuously at the hub of political debate. Leaders, educators, politicians and experts discuss issues and propose resolutions on a daily basis. It is on rare occasion that we place students at the foreground and allow them to actively participate in this discussion. Democracy Class is certainly a step towards enabling students to take part in informed civic engagement. Many recognize the need to improve standards in education in order to revitalize innovation and resurge the economy. From this perspective, Democracy Class is preparing students to independently engage in the world around them through their contributions!


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