Posted by: ACFE Inc | April 25, 2011

Back from Mom Congress!

It’s been a week since I returned from Parenting Magazine’s Mom Congress on Education and Learning conference at Georgetown University, and I am still trying to process all my experiences–the speakers, the events, the resources, and of course my fellow members of Mom Congress. I was so honored to be able to attend the conference a second time, particularly because Parenting asked me to serve this year as the Mom Congress Special and Gifted Education Mentor. So much happened in such a short time that I couldn’t possibly cover all of it, but I will try to list a few highlights:

  • Mom Congress Member Resource Center: Parenting Magazine has put together an amazing resource center over at the Mom Congress blog with links to resources for every educational issue you could think of. From school nutrition to educational policy, bullying to early literacy–it’s all there. I anticipate this being such a useful place to keep bookmarked.
  • Secretary of Education Arne Duncan’s address to Mom Congress–this was a highlight this year as it was last year. I’m still thinking about the implications of Title II! Here is a clip of his address (thanks, Liza Weadle!):
  • Presenting a breakout session on curriculum for gifted kids with Bonnie DeLong, Indiana’s 2010 Mom Congress representative, and Nancy Green, executive director of the National Association for Gifted Children. I am hard pressed to think of a greater honor than presenting beside Nancy. I have used the NAGC as a resource for information on advocacy, legislation, and resources for gifted education for years, and to not only meet her but present alongside her was truly humbling.
  • Byron Garrett’s keynote address was incredible. He is the CEO of the National PTA and of Lifeworks International, which arranges global service adventures for teens. His talk nailed it for me. Again, thanks to Liza, here is a clip:
  • The Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education Coalition‘s panel on innovation in education and their breakout session. Their work in raising awareness about how STEM education is crucial for improving the US’s low performance as demonstrated by the PISA results is compelling.
  • is shaping up to be a great site! They offer simple, easy-to-use apps to help you manage the different ways your household uses the internet, and this isn’t just monitoring internet usage. They have fun apps like having a message appear when a particular family member tries to access a certain website–this could be a fun prank or a good way to get someone’s attention. You can send a particular family member a message whenever they log onto a computer that they can’t miss. They also have apps for simply disconnecting your family from the internet for 60 minutes or scheduled intervals, which seems like a great way to ensure everyone spends some offline face time together. The apps work through your internet connection–nothing to install or plug in. They appear to currently be accepting beta testers so do sign up on their website, it should be fun. Here is their inaugural magazine.

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