Posted by: ACFE Inc | May 25, 2011

Summer Resources

When asked by Parenting Magazine about ideas for keeping learners engaged over the summer:

The summer is always a difficult time to keep learning up. I have a few resources that I know I’ll be turning to this summer, and I hope other parents find them useful!

First is Lexile, which parents can use to determine the difficulty of the texts their child is reading (or that they would like their child to read). You register for the site–it’s free–and type in a portion of the text; the website will then give you an idea of what your child’s reading ability is and how difficult the text is. You can also look up the book and see if it is already in the Lexile database.

The second resource I’ll be using this summer is First in Math. The cost for an online subscription is $8 a year. It provides comprehensive math content in game formats, and covers the range from basic to advanced math skills. It’s also a way for children to get immediate feedback on how they’re performing in whatever lesson they are doing. It works over the internet on any computer, 24/7, and children are able to move forward at their own rate.

And finally, there’s the best summer resource of all: the community pages of your local newspaper. Warm weather and long days mean that all kinds of family-friendly activities will be available, and most will be free or for low cost. For instance, in my area I am looking at the Philadelphia Zoo, which has the Roars and Snores overnight program; for a small fee I can camp out with my family at the zoo. The Kimmel Center also has free programs all summer long, including Saturday morning specials for families all summer long.


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