Posted by: ACFE Inc | June 5, 2011

Education Nation, Day 1

Education Nation is off to a great start! I attended the Teacher’s Town Hall today, the first event at Education Nation Philly. Ann Curry was moderator and did a great job. Dr. Arlene Ackerman, superintendent of the School District of Philadelphia, spoke movingly about her passion for public schools, and set the right tone for a town hall whose purpose was to give teachers a chance to sound their ideas and experience about what is working with education and what isn’t. I think the main idea I took away from today’s event was the great need for more of these town halls. So many of the teachers had great ideas; if they had more opportunities to talk to each other and share them, we could make so much progress.

Whether they were sharing ideas or not, many of the teachers seemed to come with the goal of gaining more information. One man sitting next to me pointed out one of the teachers on the panel and said, “I work with him. I can ask him questions anytime. I wish they would have given us experts!”

It was clear that everyone’s heart was in the right place; regardless of political affiliations or party lines, everyone in that room just wants to figure out how to make our failing school budgets work for kids.

I will follow up with more later–tomorrow, there will be a video of the town hall available online. For now, thanks again to Mom Congress, Education Nation, NBC News, and all the other sponsors of the event.

Tomorrow brings Mayor Nutter and Dr. Ackerman attending the opening of the Education Nation Experience on the National Constitution Center lawn.


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