Posted by: ACFE Inc | June 8, 2011

At the end of the tour…

Education Nation is wrapping up their on the road tour and most recently, its stay in Philadelphia. The events have been interesting and enlightening and a great way to feel connected to other people who care deeply about education in Pennsylvania. This feeling can be lost when you work in an office with individual clients, and being involved in this project has been a great reminder that there are so many other people who have sweeping vision and bright ideas about how to make our school system a better place to learn and grow in.

Tomorrow, June 9, marks the last event on the Education Nation tour, Job One Philadelphia. This panel is a fitting end to the week’s discussions–we started off listening to teachers discussing their struggles and successes in schools, and we end with a dialogue about the labor market and what the challenges will be when our children step into the workforce several years down the road. The program will be broadcast live on, where you can also find videos of the events from the rest of the week as well as guest blogs by Philadelphians featured this week (among them, Lisa Nutter and Aditi Roy).

I am grateful to have been able to attend Education Nation events this week and it has been an invaluable experience. I think the best part is that it doesn’t end here–the 2011 Education Nation Summit is only a train ride away in New  York City the week of September 25. I can’t wait!


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