Posted by: ACFE Inc | June 29, 2011

Visiting myi at ISTE

I got to hang out with my friends at myi at the ISTE 2011 Conference today and see a demonstration of how myi will work once it is up and running. I’ve got to admit, I can’t wait! It’s definitely something you have to see to fully understand, but in brief: it works like a website, with an array of apps that you can use. However, you use these apps to tailor your home internet experience. So, the basic apps that come with your account are mostly security, like one that detects whether the website you are visiting is an imposter site or one that blocks pop-ups; unlike most computer programs, however, this applies to everyone using your home internet connection. There are apps for studying: turn on the Study Hall app with the Math guide (put together by you or hopefully, his math teacher!) and your nine-year-old can use the internet but can only access those specific websites. Leave the app that filters out inappropriate material on at all times, if you want, and specify what kind of inappropriate material that is. Or when dinner’s ready, sign onto myi and turn off the internet for an hour so everyone knows it’s time to come to the table.

This technology has so many potential uses, and I am excited to see schools and small businesses take advantage of its potential. Thanks, myi, for the demonstration and I’m looking forward to piloting it!



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