Posted by: ACFE Inc | July 6, 2011

Why Gifted?

A great answer to the often-asked question, why gifted education? Thank you, Rochester SAGE and Joshua Raymond, for saying it so well, and @HoagiesGifted for pointing it out:

“Many times I’m asked why we advocate solely for gifted education.  Why am I not more of a generalist, attempting to improve education for all students?

Our district has plenty of advocates for general education.  We have parents and teachers who work through the PTA and other channels.  We have our Board of Education, who work many unpaid hours to make our district the best it can be.  We have administrators and principals putting in long hours for general education.  But we have no one and no group in the district specifically supporting our gifted students.

Athletics have their booster clubs.  Theater and the arts have their supporters.  Our activities are internal and integral to the classroom, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need a group of supportive parents and advocates.  Children need to know that their unique abilities are championed and cheered, be it is academic, artistic, or athletic.

…But my strongest impetus is having seen what often happens when gifted children do not have appropriate education.  They become bored with school.  They don’t learn how to study.  They don’t try very hard.  They become lazy and learn to coast on their intelligence.  With academically aligned education, we can help them avoid these pitfalls.”


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