Posted by: ACFE Inc | July 20, 2011

On the third day of NPGCW: Supplemental Learning

Happy National Parenting Gifted Children Week! On the third day of NPGCW, I would like to give you all a three-in-one: three resources that I find great for supplementing what gifted kids are already receiving in school.

  • You may have heard of the Davidson Academy–the free public day school for profoundly gifted children on the University of Nevada campus in Reno. If moving to Reno isn’t in your future plans, there’s also the Davidson Young Scholars. This program is also free, and anyone between 5-16 and meeting the minimum requirements can apply. As a Young Scholar, your child has access to an online community of other profoundly gifted children, and you as well as your child have access to free consulting services to help find an appropriate educational placement for your child as well as free guidebooks designed to help you advocate for your child’s needs, find a good college, finding a mentor for your gifted child, and other topics. There is also the opportunity for your child to do a one-week camp during the summer, as well as annual meet-ups.
  • The Carnegie-Mellon Institute for Talented Elementary and Secondary Students (C-MITES) is another resource that I myself use regularly. C-MITES is for gifted students from kindergarten-9th grade; not only do they conduct the tests you can use to demonstrate your child’s giftedness, but they also offer weekend and summer programs designed to engage gifted children, which will help supplement and enrich your child’s education. The weekend workshops occur in Pittsburgh as well as near Philadelphia.
  • Last but not least is the Center for Talented Youth at Johns Hopkins (CTY). CTY also does testing and has summer programming, but their summer program sites are more widespread, with a site this summer in Hong Kong. CTY also offers online classes for distance learning; many of these classes can even be taken for school credit. These classes are designed for gifted learners and can provide the extra challenge that your child might need beyond what they are getting in school. As part of the Study of Exceptional Talent (SET), CTY also offers resources for academic advice and conducts research activities to help better understand how to meet the needs of gifted students.

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