Posted by: ACFE Inc | August 24, 2011

Settling Back into School



It is hard to believe it’s that time again, but the summer heat is finally cooling off and Labor Day approaches, along with that day that both parents and children look forward to, some with anticipation, some with anxiety: the First Day of School. Although this transition always takes a few weeks, settling back into a schedule and structure that you will depend on for the rest of the school year, there are a few ways to ease this transition, particularly for parents of kids with IEPs or receiving special or gifted education services.

  • Once you and your child have settled in, be sure to ask your IEP team for a meeting to start the school year off on the right foot. This is your chance to review any concerns you have for fall, review any progress monitoring either from district-provided Extended School Year or private camps or therapies, and set expectations for the coming year. For instance, discuss with his teacher about how she or he will be communicating any issues or concerns throughout the year, and how best you can get ahold of them. Share what has worked for your child and what hasn’t in the past. If there are specific areas in which you are concerned your child is not up to grade level, this is a great chance to bring up this concerns while the year is still beginning, so that your child’s team, and teachers, have plenty of time to make a plan for how to help him or her progress. Feel free to ask them to share this plan with you and keep you in the loop.
  • If you are still feeling anxiety about the coming year, or have other concerns, feel free to call your school principal. They want to help you and they like getting to know the children and parents in their school better. Introduce yourself and your child, and set up a meeting to talk over any concerns or issues you foresee becoming a problem. Your principal is a great ally in making sure your child gets an appropriate education.
  • Finally, your district website can be a great resource for learning about Back to School Night, school board meetings, PTA meetings and any other upcoming events. If you are not sure what the website is, Google is a great resource for finding it.

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