Posted by: ACFE Inc | September 25, 2011

Education Nation Summit, Day One: Teachers

Day One of the 2011 Education Nation Summit is done, and although it’s early I’m hoping to get to bed soon. Today was exciting but exhausting! And tomorrow will be even longer–and I can’t wait.

We left Philadelphia bright and early and after a few wrong turns made it to the hotel room hours before check-in, unfortunately. We ran over to get our press passes at Rockefeller Center (I brought my staff photographer/advocate with me), and got to see the tent with our own eyes. No more classic skating rink! Just a giant media building that is too well-put-together to be called a “tent” in my book.

Listening to Gwen’s question relaying to Jenna Bush for the American Teacher panelists.

I am so excited to be a part of this conversation. Just as today unfolded there have been a lot of great issues raised, not just about education policy and development but about teacher compensation, technology in the classrooms, and even the nature of Education Nation itself.

While I understand some of the criticisms, one thing I really appreciate about Ed Nation is the opening for this conversation to take place. I feel like they have really made an effort to embrace social media such as Twitter, Foursquare, and blogging, and the result I think has been the creation of a forum for those who are critical as well as those who are doubtful or questioning. These often thoughtful critiques are not

happening in corners with a select few but out in the open–and often in 140 characters or less. I appreciate the fostering of honest dialogue.

My tweet shows up at the front of the stage.

The Teacher Town Hall was a great way to kick off the entire event, and this continued into the evening with the American Teacher premiere.

You should see this film. If you want just straight facts, you can start here. But if you want a glimpse into how hard, and heart-breaking, it can truly be to be a teacher, you should see this documentary. And then you should hug a teacher. And advocate for them to be paid more.

The four teachers at the center of American Teacher, along with Jonathan Alter, Al Roker, and Philadelphia and Parents United‘s Helen Gym.


Tomorrow I’m excited about the panel on putting accountability to the test. But I am most excited about getting the opportunity to interview Dennis van Roekel, president of the National Education Association.

Last but NEVER least, some Mom Congress love!  Goodnight!


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