Posted by: ACFE Inc | November 7, 2011

Have a Say: School Board Election Day

In August, I took some time to stress the importance of doing our part to make a difference.  All school districts are having their 2011 School Board Elections tomorrow.  As you know, ACFE has had the opportunity to work across a number of states and attend many different school board meetings. From what we have gleaned from these experiences, we cannot stress enough the importance of participating in your district’s meetings.  Election Day (tomorrow, 11/8/11) is an important opportunity for you to exercise your right to vote and have a voice in how the schools in your township and district are run.

According to, the function of a school board is to “establish a vision for the community’s schools that reflects a consensus of the board, community, and district staff.”  Folded into this responsibility are layers and layers of decision making that ultimately results in what your school prioritizes, how it functions, and what it stands for.  School boards are responsible for setting the standards and expectations for the schools in your district; they provide general supervision, including the rules and regulations that are enforced across the district; they evaluate current school regulations and operations to find strong and weak areas as a basis for future decisions; and they are the ones who set the policies that the district’s administrators are expected to enforce and carry out.  Last but never least, school boards are also responsible for the district budget; for approving an annual educational plan and budget, in short: how your tax dollars are spent.

Your school board should be made up of ambassadors of the community who you trust to serve as a reliable link between the community and the school system.  They are the ones who will be the voice of the community to the school administration and in turn represent the school to the public.  The fact that education is a deeply political issue cannot be ignored and a member of the school board should be actively aware of the movement in government on the topic of education. also provides a concise but informative resource for understanding the role of the school board as questions to ask yourself as you evaluate your own school board and vote.  As a part of Radnor Township, ACFE is proud to support the Democratic choices in this school board election.  To learn more about these choices, you can visit their website: .  In a letter to the public, these candidates write “This is an election about qualifications and effective leadership.  This elections is critical because it is our schools that have the most to lose, not a party or an individual” and I could not agree more.

So, I encourage you to find out more about your school district and school board meetings.  Whether you are happy or displeased with the way your school is functioning, you have a voice that should be heard and the school board should listen.



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