Posted by: ACFE Inc | July 19, 2011

On the 2nd day of NPGCW: 2 online parenting groups you should know

Happy National Parenting Gifted Children Week! For Tuesday and the 2nd day of NPGCW, I’ve got a two-fer for you. Here are two of my favorite online parenting resources for parents of gifted kids: NAGC and PAGE.


I have spoken often of how much I use and rely on the National Association for Gifted Children. I want to take the opportunity today to highlight a few of the general resources that the NAGC offers, that I use regularly:

  • Advocacy & Legislation: a one-stop shop for national legislative updates and action items, as well as a great basic advocacy toolkit outlining the essentials of advocating for gifted education on local, state, and national levels.
  • Information & Resources: I could spend days here. Most frequently, I turn to the NAGC Position Papers as a creditable source that I can cite for diverse topics, from “what is giftedness,” to what is meant by “differentiated instruction,” to standards for grad programs in gifted education.
  • Gifted by State: Do you know what your state regulations are for gifted education? Check them out here.
  • the NAGC Store: I appreciate that the NAGC not only has great resources, but that I can buy the books and research directly from them. If someone’s going to get a tiny cut of my business, I’d rather it be the NAGC than Amazon.
A connected resource is the Pennsylvania Association for Gifted Education, which is an affiliate of the NAGC. What the NAGC provides me on a federal level, PAGE is able to step in with a more local view on gifted education and gifted advocacy. PAGE works with state legislators, the state Department of Education, parents, and educators to figure out how to meet and address the wide variety of needs that gifted learners have. PAGE also has a great conference every year where parents and educators can come together to share the expertise they have developed.

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